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SineTamer® Three-Phase

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Dirty Electricity?  

The PowerEMT/Sinetamer is a powerful surge suppressor which reduces the harmful kHz frequency down to a safe level within your home.  

It also provides excellent protection against lightening.

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The PowerEMT/SineTamer units are unlike all other suppression and power filter products. The SineTamer unit is a special Engineered Transient Disturbance filter that monitors 360° of the sine wave form, unlike all other products which utilize clamping levels above and below the peaks of the wave form, leaving the internal flow of the sine wave form unprotected.

Special RF and EMF filters included in our circuitry help bring the harmful effects of the Smart Grid to near zero level and below the harmful levels.

The SineTamer blends outstanding high-energy “impulse” suppression with excellent “ring-wave” transient protection with our Frequency Attenuation Network®. This durable device is intended for general purpose and sensitive/critical load applications. This model is typically installed at residential and small service entrances up to 600 amps.  

Compact size and non-metallic enclosure design also allow it to be installed directly inside electrical panels and individual equipment. The internal installation provides the absolute shortest possible lead length and optimum performance.

This economical device has features that are not available in devices costing many times its price.

Maintenance Free operation and 15 Year Unlimited Free Replacement Warranty.

Please note that the Sinetamer will not have an effect on existing bad wiring or poor earthing within the home.  It is essential to have these checked out by an electrician before purchasing the Sinetamer.  The installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician.