Electrosmog - the risks to our health, the measures we can take


An informative and practical workshop, based on real examples.  We will cover the key risk factors, the possible health symptoms, and will provide suggested measures to reduce our risk.  The objective of this workshop is to raise awareness of the topic.  We will not be discussing in detail any highly technical aspects.

Audience:       Therapists

Date:                  Saturday 25 January 2020

Time:                  09.00-13.00

Place:                 Chateau Banquet, 94 rue de Lausanne, 1202 Geneva

Cost :                  CHF 75

Organiser:       Beatha

Presenter:       Linda Orr-Easo - Coach, Therapist, Consultant in EMF

Note:  The content of this workshop cannot replace or be considered as providing information on a medical diagnosis or medical treatment.